Duration : 2-3 Month*
Eligibility : 10 + 2

Course Objective: To make our trainee expert in the following topics theoretically & practically.

  • Fundamentals of VB.NET Language - Identifiers, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Structures
  • Keywords - as keyword, is keyword, static keyword, typeof keyword, ref keyword
  • Control Statement - Decision Making Statement, Switch Statement, Loops, Foreach Loop, Jump Statement(Break, Continue, Goto, Return and Throw)
  • OOP Concepts - Class, Binding, Overloading of Constructor, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, this keyword, Static Class, Partial Classes
  • Method - Method Overloading, Runtime Polymorphism, Method Overriding, Method Hiding, Anonymous Method, Partial Method, Partial Method
  • Delegates - Predicate, Action and Func Delegate
  • Constructors, Default, Copy, Private Constructor, Constructor Overloading, Destructors
  • Arrays, Jagged Array, Implicitly Typed Array, Object & Dynamic Array
  • ArrayList
  • String
  • Tuple, Tuple Class, ValueTuple, ValueTuple Struct
  • Indexers & Properties, Multidimensional Indexers, Overloading of Indexers
  • Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance, Inheritance in Constructors, Inheritance in Interfaces, Abstract Classed, Sealed class, object class
  • Interfaces
  • Multithreading, Typed of Thread, Lifecycle & States of Thread, Scheduling Thread for Execution, Joining and Terminating Thread, Thread Priority
  • Exception Handling, Multiple Catch Clause, Nesting of try and catch, using finally
  • Collections & Generics, List, SortedList, HashSet, SortedSet, Stack & Queue.
  • Collection Namespace- Stack, Queue, Array, ArrayList, Hashtable, BitArray, SortedList Classes
  • Generic Namespace- HashSet, LinkedList, List, SortedSet, Dictionary, SortedDictionary Class
  • Console Programming
  • Windows Forms- Button Control, Label Control, RadioButton Control, CheckBox Control, TextBox Control, ComboBox Control, ToolTip Class, RichTextBox Class, MaskedBox Class, NumericUpDown Class, DateTimePicker Class, ListBox Class, GroupBox Class, FlowLayourPanel Class.

Note- We train our trainee until they are satisfied.