Duration : 2-3 Month*
Eligibility : 10 + 2

Course Objective: To make our trainee expert in the following topics theoretically & practically.

  • Install Raspberry Pi OS Without any External Monitor/Keyboard
  • Program with Python3 - Variables and Functions
  • Program with Python3 - Conditions, Loops, Lists
  • Build Your First Raspberry Pi Circuit
  • Control Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs with Python
  • Practice More with GPIOs
  • Detect Movement with a PIR Sensor
  • Use the Terminal on Your Raspberry Pi
  • Python3 and the Terminal
  • Send an Email From Your Raspberry Pi
  • Add Vision to Your Applications with the Raspberry Pi Camera V2 Module
  • Create a Web Application on Your Raspberry Pi with Flask and Python

Note- We train our trainee until they are satisfied.