eligibility & registration
  • The role of the Training & Placement Cell is to provide a facilitator and counselor for placement related activities. The Training & Placement Cell does not guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
  • Students must be registered to avail the facility of Placements. All students who supposed to graduate from the University by the end of the academic year 2023- 2024 and are seeking employment may register for campus placement with the Training & Placement Cell. Note that placement registration is for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR ONLY. Registration is not a compulsion. Students not interested in placements are no need to registration
  • The Training & Placement Cell assumes that every selected student will pass the medical test (if any). If there is a rejection at this stage, the student's registration will be renewed and the student becomes eligible again to seek placement through this cell.
  • Students who have lost the job for genuine reasons will be allowed to re-register on a case to case basis. Only students who have a course extension or other genuine reasons will be allowed to re-register.
application process
  • Students are advised to read all the announcements made, go through the company website, and apply if interested.
  • All the details mentioned in the resume have to be genuine and will be verified by the Training & Placement Cell. Any student found violating this rule will be deregistered from the placement process for the rest of the academic year
  • Students are required to submit their resumes well before the company application deadline. Resumes once submitted, can be modified till the deadline is reached. However, DEADLINES WILL NOT BE EXTENDEDUNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
pre-placement talks
  • Pre-placement talks serve as a means to clarify details such as salary break-up, job profile, place of work, bond details etc. with the companies. Students are required to be well-versed with all these details by clarifying them during the pre-placement talk.
  • Notices of the pre-placement talks will be sent well in advance.
  • Students interested in a particular company are required to attend its preplacement talk. Only students who have attended the pre-placement talk will be eligible to apply for that company.
placement process
  • It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices/updated information/shortlisted names etc. on the notice boards of Training & Placement Cell/website/mail.
  • Students must carry their ID cards whenever they are attending the selection process.
  • Students should maintain originals and sufficient copies of their C.V., Passport size photographs, mark sheets, grade cards, transcripts, certificates etc. The Training & Placement Cell will not be responsible for providing any assistance to the students on the procurement of the above said documents.
  • Students are expected to be punctual by being in time as per the notices and announcements. Late comers for aptitude test/group discussion/interview may not be allowed to appear for the selection process.
  • If a student has opted to take part in the recruitment process of a company, the student is bound to appear for ALL the stages/rounds conducted by the company according to his/her eligibility. In the event of a student being selected for a particular round and then not turning up for the same, the Training & Placement Cell will levy a penalty on the student. The penalty could also be to the extent of barring the student from future participation in any placement related activity. All decisions regarding this will be made by the Training & Placement Cell only.
  • Students should maintain discipline and display ethical behavior throughout the placement process. Any student found cheating or violating the discipline rules set by the company or defaming the University name will be penalized and/or deregistered from the placement process for the rest of the academic year.
  • Any communication between the company and a student must happen via the Training & Placement Cell only.
  • Students must be formally dressed in university uniform whenever they participate in any sort of interaction with a company. The Training & Placement Cell reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the selection process, if their attire is unsatisfactory.
job offers
  • The Training & Placement Cell strictly enforces ONE STUDENT, ONE JOB OFFER POLICY. Student shall inform about his job preference either by the joining date of first company or result of the second company, whichever is earlier. Every student is bound to join the company, once he has given his consent to the Training & Placement Cell.
  • The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking actions therein such as submission of documents lies entirely with the student. In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to the Training & Placement Cell.
  • For students who have an early joining, the amount of Industrial Trip will be refunded and it is not mandatory for them to attend.
  • In the same aspect, student who has an early joining have to submit the monthly Attendance Log sheet duly signed and sealed by company manager/ reporting officer, failing to do so, he/she shall not be allowed to appear for mid-term and end-term examination. Students also have to submit the online assignments given by the concerned subject faculty
  • After having accepted a job offer, if a student does not wish to join a company due to genuine reasons such as pursuing higher studies, then the student is bound to inform the Training & Placement Cell and abide by the agreements/bonds they enter into with the company. If students don't adhere to this point, then in addition to a penalty they are liable to receive their degrees at a later date than others.
The Training & Placement Cell reserves the right to override any of the above rules in special circumstances and use their discretion to act on matters not covered by the above rules.